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We welcome you to Bbiesshoes store. We appreciate your time here, we hope you have an incredible experience!

This organization was built to offer the best prices for the day to day clothes. YOU! Are very important for us, YOU! Are the person on top of the pyramid of value. YOU Are the reason why we keep waking up early and going to bed late.

Our main focus is to bring you the most affordable prices possible, for the main reason, we will always try to give you free shipping, even if it is a small order.

Before anything else, we give you a 15% discount if you register on our page, You will get new arrivals and great discounts, what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

These products are perfect for baby presents or baby gifts, for parents who are expecting to have a baby boy or a baby girl and also for 1-year-olds who are looking to sharpen their shoe game. Also for baby showers.

In the FOOTWEAR section, our product is a combination of hard shoes and soft shoes. 

The hard shoes are for babies that are already walking like crazy, running around without getting tired. That's why these shoes offer a hard sole and a tight fit so the feet are protected and your little "road runner" doesn't wear out the soles.

The soft shoes are for babies that don't walk or are starting to take their first steps. This types of shoes provide comfort and in some cases a sticky but soft sole so they don´t "go drifting" around the house.

We recommend you to check out our baby girl outfits and baby boy outfits.

For more information or any consultation, send us an email to  bbiesshoes@gmail.com.

Thank you for checking us outcome back anytime!