Orders FAQ

Hello, here are the typical questions we get asked about orders:

1. How does the refund policy works?

Our refund policy is based on the 30 day return of your item after you purchased it. Any items return after the 30 days after the purchase wont be refunded. Only if the item is damage we will allow the refund. If you chose the wrong size, we won t do a refund. So please be careful with the size.


2. How much time takes the shipping?

On average our packages arrive in 15 days, but due to the high demand we are having some problems with the shipping, although it won t be common to take more than 16 days.


3. How to order a product?

To order a product, you can use our express checkout sistem with google pay. The other way is by adding the product you choose "your cart" to continue shooping and later click on the top left side on the cart to check out your items. You will find the checkout bottom on the bottom left.


4. How is the package?

The package is a simple light grey small plastic bag in which you recibe the item or items you ordered. Depending on the items ordered, it will weight more or less.


If you want any further information, do not hesitate in contacting with us. Our email is: bbiesshoes@gmail.com